About Us

Florarte was created in 1983 by the decorator William Baena, one of the best nation wide event designers based in Cartagena Colombia.
Florarte since its beginning is known for its stamp of elegance and sobriety that outstanding of other companies, today after 30 years of creation Luz Amparo Baena and María Elena are responsible for maintaining Florarte's name at the point of prestige and it has been since the time of its creation. 30 years delivering credibility, safety, professionalism, experience and creativity, after so many years Florarte continues with the same strength and enthusiasm of the entrepreneur again, with a security experience, with the freshness and the knowledge of young people who have joined the company.

Florarte had made wedding for personalities like Adriana Botero barco, Tomas and simón Gaviria Uribe children of former president of Colombia and characters of entertainment like Lina Marulanda , rochi Stevenson, Manuela Gonzales, Diana Mattos, Jenny López international model and other personalities, and events of great magnitude and CUMBRE DE LOS NO ALINEADOS where President Ernesto Samper gave recognition to floarte for its attention to this important event, and as well presidential meetings in the city of Cartagena as the summit of the Americas among others

Florarte - Decoración para Matrimonios