What is a wedding planner?

A wedding planner is a person who guides, advises and assists during the long hard process of organizing of a wedding. In this way we try to save time and money for the couple and ensure the success of a wedding. bringing imagination, resources and experience without neglecting any detail. The mission of a wedding planner is also making each event unique and unrepeatable and according to the style and personality of the couple.

There are plenty of providers to locate and planning details that overwhelm many couples to have their own tight schedule, little time to devote to your wedding and tension to get the best prices. It is here the need to seek for support and guidance to optimize time and resources, when you go to a specialist in this subject.

Want an exceptional wedding!, Created for your needs, without wasting time and stress
This service includes:

  • Design and personalization of the wedding.
  • Search the reception venue.
  • Budget and Search and selection for the wedding (ceremony, reception)
  • Search the reception venue.
  • Selecting the catering and rental equipment.
  • Consulting floral decoration.
  • Find providers and scheduling appointments.
  • Appointments for hairdressing, beauty spa and makeup.
  • Selecting the photographer and video.
  • Selecting service providers Dj, music, lights, atmosphere.
  • Coordination of the wedding day.
  • Coordination of services for guests: accommodation, transport, hairdresser, activities.
  • Supervision, control and coordination of schedules of all providers (music, household items, furniture, food, drinks, lights, photographers, decoration, transportation).
  • Preparation of minute by minute of the wedding, including the assay protocol ceremony prior to the wedding day.
  • Personal attention to the couple throughout the planning process and the wedding day assisting the guests at the ceremony and reception venue.
  • Coordination and follow-up appointments and / or activities of the couple. Attendance at the venue from start to finish assembly.
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